Vegi Cards

52 Recipes from Around the World

Written By: Kurma Dasa
Drawn from a series of wildly popular cookbooks down under, international culinary celebrity and Australia-based Kurma Dasa presents practical versions of the world's greatest vegetarian cuisine in these 52 durable full-color recipe cards. Step-by-step instructions and brilliant photographs help you be all you can be in the kitchen. These sumptuous French, Latin American, Caribbean, Italian and Indian (among others!) dishes will impress even the most discriminating palates.
Format: Main Book
Publication Date: 11/1/2003
ISBN: 9781886069961
Pages: 52 cards
Trim Size: 6.875 x 5.875 x 1.3

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Kurma Dasa, Author: Kurma Dasa was born in England and moved to Australia in 1964. He began cooking in his youth, and has taught his special brand of elegant and eclectic gourmet vegetarian cuisine throughout Australia and around the world. He was head chef at Melbourne's most popular vegetarian restaurant, Gopal's, for many years. He has hosted three internationally broadcast TV cooking series, seen in over 46 countries. His third and latest twenty-six-part TV series, More Great Vegetarian Dishes, currently screens throughout Australia on SBS and Foxtel.