Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: A Bunkers & Badasses Coloring Adventure
Written By: Jordan Alsaqa, Elmer Damasco
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Things are more chaotic than ever in this wild, unpredictable Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands coloring adventure book! A super overpowered character is blitzing their way through Tina’s campaign. As Tina improvises challenges, it’s up to you, the Fatemaker, to stop this OP adventurer from destroying everything! Will you defeat this character, claim their power, or unlock a secret ending with your hijinks? Not even Tina knows!

It’s up to you to color through the tale and render the likes of Queen Butt Stallion and Valentine in all their glory. And since Tina can—and will—alter, why waste time coloring the lines? Let your creativity explode the page! What could go wrong?

60+ PAGES TO COLOR: Over sixty gorgeous pages to color your way through on the course of your Bunkers & Badasses adventure.

All your favorite badasses are on deck for this epic coloring quest, including Valentine, Queen Butt Stallion, Paladin Mike, Frette, and you, the Fatemaker!

Tina has plenty of surprises in store for your adventure! Color your way down different paths, with over a dozen possible endings.

Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 10/1/2024
ISBN: 9798886635621
Pages: 64
Trim Size: 8.5 x 10.875

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Jordan Alsaqa, Author: Jordan Alsaqa is a writer based in Seattle, WA. Jordan graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from N.C. State University and has done numerous self-published and work-for-hire comic projects in the years since. His debut Original Graphic Novel Cooking with Monsters, co-created with artist Vivian Truong, is due for publication in the fall of 2023 from IDW.