My First Space Atlas

Zoom into Space to explore the Solar System and beyond

Written By: Jane Wilsher, Paul Daviz
Land on the Moon, visit the International Space Station, take a space walk, and tour the planets in this fact-filled guide to the galaxy! Watch out for space junk and black holes!

Filled with bright, bold, and scientifically accurate illustrations, fascinating information, and an interactive "Spot It" game throughout the book, My First Space Atlas will thrill aspiring astronauts and space explorers.

FILLED WITH FACTS: Dozens of space facts for curious young space explorers.

BOLD ILLUSTRATIONS: Astronauts, rockets, rovers, planets, and more are depicted in bright, colorful illustrations that accurately represent their key features and characteristics.

EXPERT AUTHORITY: Created in collaboration with astrophysicist Dr Ben Maughan, My First Space Atlas “space scientist approved” and includes all the latest expert information.

READ ALONE OR READ ALOUD: Independent readers will pore over the hundreds of fascinating facts about space, and emerging readers will love learning along with their favorite grown-up.

PLAY THE "SPOT IT" GAME: "Can you find the camera on the Moon buggy?", "How many planets are in the Solar System?" There are clues and pictures on every spread to find out all sorts of space information.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 2/28/2023
ISBN: 9781681888880
Pages: 32
Trim Size: 9.25 x 12 x .5

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Jane Wilsher, Author: Jane Wilsher is a writer, editor, and publisher of award-winning non-fiction books for children. Most recently, she launched the children’s list at Thames & Hudson. Jane enjoys researching and writing fact-packed titles for kids, who tend to ask the best kind of tricky questions, especially about amazing animal antics.

Paul Daviz, Illustrator: Paul Daviz is a popular illustrator, who is confident working in a whole range of styles. Big, bold shapes, sweeping lines, strong colors, hints of texture, and plenty of fun—Paul’s strong draughtsmanship and drawing skills shine through across the range of contemporary styles he excels in.