Collector's Edition

Written By: Iris Compiet, S. T. Bende

Limited Edition of 300

Available on May 23, 2023
From Ludo to Sir Didymus, to the Goblin King’s legion of mischievous minions, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth is packed with wondrous beings and chaotic critters. For the first time, Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Bestiary: A Definitive Guide to the Goblin King's Realm brings their world to life. Exploring the nature and behavior of each creature through original illustrations and insightful text, this is a must-have book for fans of Labyrinth, Jim Henson, and the fantasy genre.

This deluxe collector’s edition contains a stunning sketchbook featuring exclusive artwork from award-winning illustrator Iris Compiet, a selection of 3 beautiful art prints, and a signature card signed by the artist. Contained in a gorgeously crafted clamshell case, this unique volume captures the expansive world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth as never before.
ISBN: 9798886630367

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ALL-NEW LABYRINTH ART: Experience the world of Labyrinth in a whole new way through the stunning art of acclaimed illustrator Iris Compiet (The Dark Crystal Bestiary: The Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thra).

DISCOVER THE CREATURES OF LABYRINTH: This book features an in-depth look at every creature from the world of Labyrinth, covering the beloved 1986 movie as well as the wider world of the Goblin King’s realm, including the hit comics and the original novelization.

BONUS BOOK: Go behind the scenes of illustrator Iris Compiet’s artistic process with an included additional book filled with dynamic sketches and never-before-seen artwork.

EXCLUSIVE ART PRINTS: Includes 3 stunning art prints featuring beloved characters

8" x 10" Hardcover Book, Clamshell Box, Portfolio and 3 Art Prints, Sketchbook, Numbered Signature Card