Batman: The Animated Series

The Phantom City Creative Collection

Written By: Mondo, Justin Erickson, Paul Dini
Known for their limitless passion and incredible ingenuity for film and television posters, Mondo turns their attention to the highly acclaimed show Batman: The Animated Series. The show first aired in 1992 and was instantly met with critical praise for its sophisticated writing and distinctive, noir-influenced art style, generating an intense following that still exists today.

Over the years, Mondo has received global recognition for their astonishing artisanal posters, and their creations for Batman: The Animated Series are no exception. The studio has partnered exclusively with the award-winning artist at Phantom City Creative, Inc., Justin Erickson, in order to bring this show to life in a striking and unparalleled way. Filled with Erickson’s slick graphic design as well as beautifully rendered illustrations, this Batman: The Animated Series art book is a one-of-a-kind tribute to one of the greatest animated shows of all time.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 10/6/2020
ISBN: 9781683839644
Pages: 144
Trim Size: 9.25 x 12.75

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Mondo, : MONDO is a company in Austin, Texas that works with incredible artists to create sought-after posters, soundtracks, and collectibles for pop culture past and present. Together with their sister label, Death Waltz Recording Co., Mondo creates unique vinyl pressings for soundtracks to films, TV, and video games that are accompanied by striking original art. This volume presents highlights and favorites from a decade of slinging vinyl.

Justin Erickson, Artist: Justin Erickson is the creative director and co-founder of Phantom City Creative, Inc. As an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, Erickson has won over 17 Key Art Awards for his work on popular meadia such as Godzilla, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and more.

Paul Dini, Foreword Contributor: Paul Dini is an American writer and producer who is best known as a producer and writer for several DC Comics animated series including Batman: The Animated Series. Perhaps his greatest character contribution was the co-creation (alongside Bruce Timm) of Harley Quinn.
"This book is a must buy: If you love Batman, if you love great art, if you want a conversation starter, or even if you just want to look at something gorgeous." - Dark Knight News

"Chock-full of gorgeous pieces of art, many of which I would love to hang on my wall, Batman: The Animated Series: The Phantom City Creative Collection, is one of my favorite pieces" - DC Comics News

"Overflowing with some of the most striking imagery inspired by Batman: The Animated Series, all of it gathered together here in a gorgeous oversized hardcover, Insight Edition’s Batman: The Animated Series: The Phantom City Creative Collection is one of the most arresting books to hit shelves this year. " - DC Animated

"Batman: The Animated Series is pretty easily one of the most celebrated superhero cartoons of all time. And honestly, you could probably take out “superhero”, and that above statement would still be true." - Brutal Gamer