Art of Sadhana [Softcover]

Guide to Daily Devotion

Written By: Swami B.P. Puri
The Art of Sadhana unveils the secrets of devotion within the Vaishnava tradition with deep penetration and insight. Through story, ethical council and advice on daily practice, this work serves as a long-term desktop reference for any serious practitioner of the Bhakti path. Issues of worship, service, association, shelter, initiation, along with the nature of our relationship to the holy name and the power of bhajan, are all addressed. Includes original Sanskrit, inspirational quotes and black-and-white illustrations throughout.
Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 8/1/1999
ISBN: 9781886069039
Pages: 257
Trim Size: 9 x 10.5 x .8

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Swami B.P. Puri, Author: True Vaishnavas put whatever they preach into practice in their own lives. For the greater part of a century, Swami B.P. Puri dedicated himself to preaching and writing articles in order to quell the rising tide of activities that have no foundation in the tradition of Vaishnavism. At the same time, he skillfully taught how to go about engaging in the nectar-like activities of pure devotional service.

Most of Swami B.P. Puri’s articles were published over the years in Chaitanya Vani, the monthly magazine of the Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, where he was president of the editorial board from its founding in 1961 until his passing in 1999. These articles are now being collected, translated into English, and presented in beautifully designed and illustrated editions for the delight of spiritual practitioners across the globe. To date, Mandala Publishing has released several volumes based on these articles, including Of Love and Seperation (2001), Art of Sadhana (2000) and Heart of Krishna (1995).