Wellness At Warp Speed (Formerly Eshelepin Factor)
Written By: Dr. Noah McKay
Inspirational speaker, pioneering physician, and international healthcare consultant, Dr. Noah McKay hit the limits of conventional medicine when he was hospitalized with heart failure in 1989. Desperate for a cure he was told was not possible, he began delving into quantum science and the formulas of Einstein, Heisenberg, and Bell. In Wellness at Warp Speed, Dr. McKay shares the hard-won results of his study. In lay terms, he explains the actions of atoms and subatomic particles in the body, which travel at “warp” speed, or the speed of light. Many of the advances in high-speed medical diagnostics — for example, the CT, PET, and MRI scanners — are attributable to the science he describes in this book. But Dr. McKay goes further in presenting a powerful case for attaining robust health and a sense of well-being by applying that same science to steering the light-speed operations occurring constantly within one’s body.
Format: Main Book
Publication Date: 7/20/2007
ISBN: 9781601091086
Pages: 146
Trim Size: 7 x 6.25

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Dr. Noah McKay, Author: A lifelong advocate of patient rights, Dr. Noah McKay served a year in a U.S. federal prison for the cause of healthcare freedom. He is driven by a passionate desire to make healing accessible and affordable to everyone. An internationally recognized speaker, he has shared his powerful message of love, home and transformational healing with thousands at seminars and wellness retreats aroundthe world. For more information, visit www.WellnessAtWarpSpeed.com.