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Kelly Knox, author of Star Wars: Conversation Cards


Star Wars Conversation cards

 What inspired you to create the Star Wars conversation cards, and how did you come up with the concept?

An editor approached me with the idea and I thought it was brilliant! I could picture the conversations that Star Wars topics could inspire while waiting in a line during a convention, during a lull in a game night, or any other cozy gathering. But most of all, I could see prepared topics coming in handy during those quiet, awkward moments before a remote meeting starts. (Not that I’ve tried and failed to have conversations in those pre-meeting minutes. Horribly, horribly failed.)

What was your process for selecting the questions to include on the cards, and how did you decide which characters and moments from the franchise to feature?

I made it a priority to include questions that all kinds of fans could take part in answering. These aren’t trivia questions made to stump anyone. I selected Star Wars topics from anywhere and everywhere as long as they could spark a conversation. Prequels, sequels, video games, comics, animated series – we’re lucky to have so much Star Wars that everyone has seen something from the galaxy far, far away.

Every fan has a favorite character, from beloved heroes like Luke Skywalker and Rey to people you probably didn’t even know had a name, like the rancor keeper in Jabba’s Palace. I tried to get as many as I could in there!

How did you balance the desire to appeal to both casual fans and hardcore enthusiasts of the Star Wars universe when creating the conversation cards?

To make sure the topics were accessible to all kinds of Star Wars fans, I imagined posing the question to my dad – who saw the original films in the theater just once – and that helped a lot. I also wanted to include thought-provoking questions for more-than-casual fans to flex their knowledge a little bit. And naturally there’s an inside joke or two for the hardcore fans.

The included booklet also has explanations for some of the finer details, so the reader doesn’t have to know what a falumpaset or voorpak is to join in the discussion.

Which question on the cards is your personal favorite, and why?

My personal favorite could be either your time to shine or the most embarrassing moment of your life, so it’s a good thing you can start practicing now: How do you say your name in the Wookiee language?

Are there any particular characters or storylines from the Star Wars universe that you find especially intriguing, and did they influence how you created the conversation cards?

The Force and the Jedi have always offered the most food for thought for me personally. Not every question about the Force has a simple answer, which I believe is how George Lucas intended it. I’ve wondered for a long time if Anakin Skywalker was actually the Chosen One and it’s a question I enjoy posing to fellow fans. Questions like that, which don’t have a singular or correct answer, influenced how I created the cards. Star Wars Conversation Cards aren’t about being “right” – they’re about having fun talking about Star Wars! 


Kelly Knox - Author of Star Wars Conversation Cards

Kelly Knox is an author and freelance entertainment writer in the Seattle area. She contributes to the official websites for pop culture powerhouses including Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Crunchyroll. She also writes for entertainment reporting sites like IGN. Kelly specializes in news and features, as well as creating original craft projects for all ages.